Strengthening the link between the mind and body, we strive for our client’s optimal health through comprehensive integrative health care. Never compromising your health or happiness in order to provide a quick diagnosis, the Springs Integrated Health team is committed to helping you not only prevent future illness but to attain a more healthy lifestyle and optimal wellness.

Approaching health and wellness from a holistic standpoint, we proudly offer Colorado Springs the following methodologies:

Medical and Diagnostic Services

Bolstered by the belief that the best medicine is prevention, we first work towards adjusting lifestyles and habits, to uncover the cause of medical issues, rather than simply treating the symptoms of illness. Equipped with the industry’s most innovative diagnostic equipment, we are capable of running a variety of diagnostics to find the underlying problem and confidently treat it through holistic medicine.

Physical Rehabilitation

Restoring function and mobility while providing natural pain relief, we help patients avoid harmful medications and invasive surgery with the use of physical therapy. Our physical therapy specialists are all superbly experienced in body mechanics and strive to help patients once again enjoy free, painless movement.


Utilizing the proven techniques of chiropractic care, our chiropractors treat a variety of physical maladies by gentle spinal manipulation. Quickly and efficiently eliminating neck, back, and joint pain, each treatment is designed and implemented with the client’s exact care needs in mind.

Supartz Knee Therapy

Helping sufferers of osteoarthritis avoid the possibility of knee replacement surgery, Supartz knee therapy has been proven to help naturally restore the cushion and lubrication of the knee joint.

Trigger Point Therapy

Releasing the pressure built up inside of stressed and traumatized muscles, trigger point therapy has been shown to reduce muscle weakness and pain, improve flexibility and mobility, and loosen painful muscle bands.

FAR Infrared Sauna

Reported to be effective for both illness prevention and natural healing, FAR infrared therapy sessions can be a great addition to an integrated health care plan. Sessions have been known to help detoxify, relieve pain, soothe sore muscles, and even promote weight loss.

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Safe, painless, and quick deep tissue laser therapy is an affordable treatment for acute pain and chronic health conditions. Reducing inflammation deep within your body, laser therapy stimulates cellular activity and promotes prompt healing.

Wellness Way Program

Unique to Springs Integrated Health, the Wellness Way program helps to facilitate optimal health by treating the body as the interdependent organism that it is. Built on the belief that no illness, pain, or disease is a condition in and of itself, The Wellness Way program strives to remove the causes of an issuerather than simply masking the symptoms—and provide holistic healing.

Find out more about all of our integrated health solutions by scheduling your own free health consultation. Our staff promises friendly, compassionate services delivered in a clean, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere.