As Colorado Springs’ most comprehensive and well-established integrative health practitioners, we are proud to offer the use of one of the very few commercial-grade FAR infrared saunas in the area. FAR infrared saunas use light-waves to warm your body rather than the air around you. This provides individuals who cannot tolerate the extreme heat of a traditional sauna the opportunity to enjoy its benefits.

In addition to helping users relax and rejuvenate, infrared saunas have been credited with assisting in the detoxification process, reducing inflammation, and promoting natural healing. Many users experience a marked reduction in chronic or recurring pain, while others claim the use of FAR infrared saunas has helped with weight loss efforts and sports injury recovery.

With no adverse side effects, the use of a FAR infrared sauna—at its most basic—delivers rest and relaxation that comforts and soothes tired muscles, which makes it a potentially extraordinary component of a holistic healing plan. Find out more about how FAR infrared saunas work to complement the rest of our integrated healthcare modalities by scheduling your first session now. With free consultations and affordable treatment plans, we are the region’s choice for natural, holistic health care.

See our pricing below!

Single Session $40
5 Sessions $150
10 Sessions $200
20 Sessions $300
3 Month Membership $150/month for 3 months (up to 20 sessions/month)
Deep Tissue Laser – Single Session $50
Deep Tissue Laser – 10 Sessions $300